The creation of an acronym for the word F.A.C.E.B.O.O.K. was developed to help you look at it through new eyes as a good way to be transparent and successful on Facebook. Share in this article are a few tips to help you in your journey of learning how to use Facebook to grow your business.

One way that you can think of Facebook is as a business component that is an extension of your business. As an extension of your business, Facebook can help you reach others online that you may not have had the opportunity to reach.

Below is the acronym to help you remember how you can use F.A.C.E.B.O.O.K. in unique ways:

  • F: Friendly should always be the way you choose to be positive with others via Facebook. Even if someone doesn’t treat you respectably, you shouldn’t respond negatively. As a business owner, your online presence is very… Continue reading →

Growing your business online using Facebook is an important step for business owners. With the growth and changes of the Facebook environment, it can be confusing at times. Well, I want to provide you with a few tips to help you navigate the waters of Facebook.

These tips can help you grow your website traffic along with encouraging people to connect with you Facebook account as a friend or a fan on your Fanpage. As a business owner you can then communicate about your products or services to those you are connected with via Facebook.

Below are a few tips that will help you implement Facebook to grow your business:

Your comments on business blogs are a great way to attract more readers to your own business blog and a way you can attract more clients.

If you write a comment that adds value to the conversation, it is highly likely that a reader of that blog will follow a link through to find out more about you and your expertise.

You might consider your blog comments as an online reference to your expertise.

It is however critical importance of managing your digital footprint. Continue reading “Personal Branding 101 – Manage Your Digital Footprint” »

Blog – what a funny word. Not only do most individuals have a blog these days, but businesses are beginning to realize the power of the blogging medium. In recent years, they saw how amazing a blog is and how extensive a blog’s reach is. A light bulb went off in someone’s head and the business decides that “Hey, you know what? If a 12-year-old kid can create a blog that generates tens of thousands of page views a day and create a network online, why not a business?”

Hence, the business blog is born.

What is the difference between a personal blog and a business blog? The agenda is essentially the same – to update, advice, provide information and network with people who share the same passion or interest. A blog, although was first invented as an online journal of sorts, have developed into a powerful publishing media. So… Continue reading →

The business blog can take many forms and support many objectives. That’s part of the beauty of using a blog for business purposes. But sometimes the many uses of a business blog can overwhelm aspiring bloggers, making it hard to decide on a particular blogging strategy.

If you have been meaning to start your own business blog, but you’re not sure how to start, consider one of the following five strategies.

1. Instructional Business Blogs
Instructional blogs are extremely popular, and they come in many flavors. If you can teach your audience about a subject that’s important to them, you have what it takes to develop a popular instructional blog. For example, if a company sells accounting software, it might develop an instructional blog to teach readers about accounting methods, technologies and best practices. This would help the company develop readership and interaction, while also educating readers toward its products.… Continue reading →