Top Tips for Writing Content That is Actionable

Writing content that is actionable is very important to drawing traffic to your website. Content is king, and writing content that's actionable for your website may take practice and getting use to following specific tips that can create traffic. Writing ContentThe  goal is to build a relationship and a rapport with your target customers. Great content makes target customers stay on your website longer and also helps you to move up in search engine ranking. Content should be added regularly and should grab the readers attention.

Why is your headline important to writing content?

Headlines are important because if they do not grab the readers attention they will not read any further. Headlines are usually read, but a smaller percentage of your website’s visitors will read more. Some things to keep in mind when writing a headline are:

  • Make it exciting – An exciting headline is something that can’t be missed.
  • Make it interesting – A headline that speaks directly to your customers will catch their attention.
  • Catch the readers eye – Your customers are inundated with content. Many people skim through a lot of content throughout the day. Your goal is to get your reader to click on your link and read more.

What should you know about writing content?

Content must be targeted and be original. You can find ideas on other sites, but plagiarize is frowned on. Put your own unique spin on the topics you are covering. When writing great content consider the quality of content rather then the amount of content. Don’t just throw out information to fill up the page. Be sure it has value to your readers. Some things to keep in mind when creating website content are:

  • Bite size content– Be sure to focus your readers attention. Give them information in bite sizes. Do not overwhelm your readers with pages to read.
  • Relevance – Be sure your content is relevant to your website and addresses your customers needs.
  • Interest – Introducing interesting articles and topics to your customers will keep them coming back for more and encourage users to share your information.

Why should writing content be actionable?

Actionable content is content that tells you how to do something. Actionable content is helpful. Customers are online searching for something. It is important to give them what they are looking for which is actionable content. Give your customers information and value. Think about what your customers will gain from reading your content. Give your customers the answer to what they are searching for and you will build a relationship with them and keep them coming back for more.

Content is important. If you are not able or willing to spend time creating excellent content then consider hiring someone who has expertise in the area. Content is too important to be overlooked.



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