How to Conduct an Expert Blog Interview

How to Conduct an Expert Blog Interview

As you plan out the content for your website or blog, one of the things you should consider incorporating are blog interviews. Blog interviews are basically when you connect with an industry expert by providing questions that they in turn answer. Then you take your questions, their answers and create the blog interview as part of a blog post.

In developing your blog interview content, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Below is a list that should be helpful to you:

  • Create a list of industry expert that you would like to potentially interview. Don't be shy with your list. You should look at those who have influence in your industry and who share great information via social media.
  • Prepare an initial contact email or message that you send to your potential interviewees when you ask them if they are open to being interviewed.
  • Determine a basic set of questions that you want to send to your potential interviewers. Also ask them to include additional questions that they provide the answers to when responding.
  • When you receive the questions back, copy/paste them into a blog post along with a headshot of the interviewee.
  • Make sure to include the interviewee's contact information in the blog post, usually at the bottom.
  • Once the blog post has been created and made live, send a link of the blog post to the interviewee and ask them to share with their followers.
  • Create a press release via that informs others that you have created an expert blog interview and then link back to the blog post.

For an example of an expert blog interview, please check out “Social Media Strategist: Aliza Sherman“. This was an expert interview that I conducted with Aliza Sherman where she shared great information about social media.

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